4K Guide

The DroidCam - OBS plugin integration now includes support for 4K video. This option is hidden by default.
Before trying 4K, please consider the following:

4K (3840x2160) is 4x the size of 1080p FHD (1920x1080). This means 4x more data to process, per frame.
Most phones have special optimizations for recording 4K videos to internal storage. While DroidCam is also heavily optimized - these special optimizations do not apply to it. In other words, even if you device can record 4K, it may not handle 4K transfer with the same efficiency and will be under more load than usual.

Most live streaming platforms and most teleconferencing software is limited to 720p or 1080p for similar reasons. Using 4K video at the input (and having it downscaled to 1080p) has negligible benefits, all while adding even more processing cost.

In many cases, 1080p is more than sufficient for producing great content.

With that in mind, DroidCam is capable of delivering smooth 4K video on most modern hardware.

How to get 4K with DroidCam OBS

1. Make sure you have OBS Studio 29.1+, the latest (v2.2.0+) DroidCam OBS plugin and latest (v4.0+) DroidCam apps.

2. Add a new DroidCam source, or, open the Properties of an existing source and Deactivate if necessary.

3. Select 'Use WIFI IP' in the Device drop-down, enter 4k in the WiFi IP field, and click [Activate].
You should see a confirmation message.
Dismiss the message and click "OK" to save the changes.

Re-open the source Properties, and check the Resolution drop-down for the new options.
Be sure 'Allow hardware acceleration' is ticked, and give it a go!